Est. 1963


Carryall 710 Low Speed Vehicle, Street Legal
Street Legal on many roads posted at 35 mph or less. (1) The Carryall 710 LSV operates at 25 mph top speed. This vehicle comes standard with many features designed for highway use, including:
  • Molded Cab Assembly with Roof and safety glass windshield
  • windshield wipers
  • 4 wheel hydraulic braking system
  • 10 inch DOT street-rated tires
  • Three point safety belts
  • Deluxe Lighting Package...head, tail, brake lights, turn signals and horn
  • Exterior mirrors and reflectors
  • Hi-performance commercial AC electric drive system
The above is in addition to features standard on all Carryall 700 Series Vehicles:
  • 950 pound vehicle capacity
  • automatic 48V, Delta-Q charger
  • 400 amp solid state controller
  • self-adjusting rack-and-pinion steering
  • 2 year limited warranty

Note:  Photo above shows this vehicle with extra cost options: cab door kit, stake side bed and rear windshield.

(1) This vehicle has been designed and manufactured to comply with the US National Highway Transportation and Safety Adinistration's Low Speed Vehcile rules and regulations. The operation of this vehicle is also subject to all applicable state and local laws, and we strongly recommend that you inquire with your relavent state and local authorities regarding highway use of this vehicle prior to purchase.

Carrying Options
Bed Options
Aluminum Flat Bed
Cab Options
Cab Door Kit, Glass, Set of 2 [Add $1,395.00]
Hard Safety glass doors
Cab Door Kit, set of 2 [Add $975.00]
Soft sided doors for the basic cab. Order for all weather protection
Cab Heater/Defroster [Add $475.00]
Heater and defroster for winter use. REQUIRED IN THE STATE OF NY
Cab Rear Windshield [Add $232.00]
Rear glass windshield for cab. Order to complete all weather protection
Call 800-456-1577 for a competitive customized quote
Base Price: $13,839.00 Customized Price: $13,971.00
  • Flat Bed