Est. 1963
Yamaha DRIVE Concierge 4+

Yamaha DRIVE Concierge 4+

The Yamaha DRIVE Concierge 4+ is a versatile vehicle that can be configured in a number of ways including a 4 passenger with two rows of forward facing seating, a 4 passenger with an aluminum cargo area and a 6 passenger featuring a factory rear facing seat.  The Gas Version of this unit is built on the all new DR2 Quiet-Tech platform, offering a gas car almost as quiet as an electric.   The Electric option features the new AC Power-tech technology.   Photo show optional (extra cost) suntop.

Power options include Yamaha's Powerful 11.4 HP EFI gas motor or their all new 48V AC powered electric motors.

All Concierge vehicles include head and tail running lights, reflectors, horn, dash-mounted gas or energy gauge, stone-colored seats and Yamaha's 2 Year Warranty.

Select an option from the groups below to add it to your car.  Click the item for more information and images. 
EFI Gas or 48V AC
Yamaha's Powerful 11.4HP EFI Gas motor
48V AC [Add $200.00]
Yamaha's NEW 48V AC Powered motor

Vehicle Configurations
Check the box to build your cart or Click each item for additional details.
4 Passenger
2 rows of Forward Facing seating
6 Passenger [Add $1,000.00]
2 rows of Forward Facing seating with a rear facing seat kit
Cargo [Add $700.00]
2 rows of Forward Facing seating with an aluminum cargo bed

Pick from the Standard or Metallic colors below
Bright white
Emerald [Add $125.00]
Tanzanite [Add $125.00]
Dark Blue
Sandstone [Add $350.00]
Metallic Tan
Onyx [Add $350.00]
Metallic Black
Moonstone [Add $350.00]
Metallic Silver
Jasper [Add $400.00]
Metallic Red

Additional Options
Sun-tops, windshields and more.
Suntop [Add $500.00]
116" Suntop in stone color to cover all passengers and cargo
Clear Folding windshield [Add $150.00]
Hinged windshield
Chrome Hubcaps [Add $100.00]
Cragar Chrome Hubcaps
Base Price: $9,095.00 Customized Price: $9,095.00
  • EFI Gas
  • 4 Passenger
  • Glacier