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 Golf Cars...
they're not just for golfing

Non-golfing uses of golf carts

Think of the many uses for golf carts and utility vehicles:  Commercially, make it into an on-site mini van;  resorts...use for services and maintenance; factories, use electric powered units indoors for expediting and in-plant maintenance;  use 6-passenger vehicles for VIP tours of large facilities; Farms, horse farms, nurserys, auto dealerships all use golf cars.  The list of home, vacation home and personal uses is equally large.  If a family member has a minor mobility problem, not serious enough to need a wheelchair, the golf cart will help you get around.  They are great for hauling boating gear from lake home to boat or on the docks in larger marina.  Use a golf cart with a utility box for home maintenance if you have a few acres or more..sort of a "power wheelbarrow, but it hauls a bigger load with less effort.   

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