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Cunningham is proud to offer Golf Cart windshields from Blue Dot Manufacturing Co., a division the Fore-Par Group.  Blue Dot, located in North Carolina, has been making high quality USA made windshields for golf carts since 1972.  All Blue Dot hinges are made with ultra-violet protection, so the hinge will not turn yellow and become brittle with age.
We recommend the IMPACT MODIFIED windshields over the Standard Acrylic windshields.  The Acrylic windshield is the lease expensive option, however it has little or no impact resistance, so that a golf ball, tree limb, or hail stone can shatter the windshield.  The Blue Dot Impact modified windshields are a 70/30 blend, 70% polycarbonate and 30% standard acrylic.  This gives a more durable, long lasting, high-impact windshield.  Also, all IMPACT MODIFIED windshields carry a full 1 year warranty, where the standard acrylic windshields are not warrantied.