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OK, we're going to help you identify your Yamaha Golf Car.

First, refer to the chart below.          If this doesn't help. go to the step-by-step identifier below the chart.
All Yamaha Golf Car models begin with a G. "G16A" for example. The next digit indicates the relative age. The higher the number the newer the car. We'll tell you more in a minute. The last part of the model number is always either a A or an E. If your car has a gas engine, it will end in a A.

If your car is electric, it will end in an E. If you're not sure whether it's gas or electric, lift up the seat. If you see 6 batteries, the car is electric. If you see a motor and some belts, the car is gas.

First Question: Does you car have two bucket seats or a single bench seat.?

If the car has bucket seats, the Model is a G1

Bucket seat, gas engine, G1A

Bucket seats, electric car, G1E.

Car has a Bench Seat, ok, Next Question:What color is the steering column?

If the steering column is white, your car is a G2 (unless by some odd chance someone has painted it black) Bench seat, white steering column, gas engine, Model is a G2A. Bench seat, white steering column, electric car, Model is a G2E.

Bench Seat and black steering column...keep reading.

Next Question: Is there a small 4 inch square access door behind the seat on the passenger side? If you have the access door and the steering column is black, the car model is a G9. Again: Gas engine, black steering column, access door to the gas filler, you have a G9A. Electric power, black steering column, access door to the charger plug, you have a G9E.

Still no match? Next Question. Is the car a shiny Almond color with a wood grained dash panel? If yes, your car is a G8. Almond and wood dash, gas engine, G8A. Almond and wood dash, electric powered, G8E. If the car has been painted, you may need to find the serial number for accurate identification.

If you still haven't found a match, your car is the newest, and current Yamaha body style, identified by rounded fenders and front cowl. (1995-2004). With the new body style, factory built colored cars became available. Early colors were hunter green, teal and bright red. Later colors added burgundy, candy apple red, and metallic blue.

Next Question: Is there a black air intake from the drivers area to the engine area, located right behind the drivers right leg? If so, the car is a G14A. This description applies to a gas car only.

Last question: Is the logo on the front of the car a Yamaha tuning fork symbol, or is the logo a gold or silver emblem with the words YAMAHA?

If the emblem says Yamaha, your car is a G16. New body style, rounded fenders, Yamaha emblem in front, gas engine, your car is a G16A. New body style, rounded fenders, Yamaha emblem in front, electric powered, your car is a G16E OR a G19E, both electric cars.

To tell the difference between a G16E, which is a 36Volt electric, versus a G19E, which is a 48 Volt electric, look for the Forward Reverse Control. If it is a black switch on the dash, your car is a G19E 48 Volt. If the Forward Reverse is in the center of the rear body, large black lever, your car is a G16E 36 Volt electric.

(Exception: it may fit the above description for an electric car and be a G14E, (1995-6) however there is no appearance difference and no parts difference between a G14E and a G16E (1996-2002), so for ordering parts it is safe to say the car is a G16E.)

If the car has the new Yamaha "tuning fork" logo on the front cowl, then your car is a G22.Tuning fork logo, gas engine, G22A. Tuning fork logo, electric powered, G22E.

Simple, Isn't it?